Age & Taking Care of Yourself Should Not Have a Positive Correlation

Often, I hear many people who are in their 40s and 50s say things such as, “I need to start being more conscious of my health.”, “I am older now, so I have to take better care of myself.” and, “You’re young, you can eat whatever you want.”

But Why?

The level of care we put into our bodies is not something to start later in life; this is something we should start as soon as we come out of the womb, or at least get educated enough to know what foods are better to eat in higher quantities and vice versa.

Stop waiting to take better care of yourself. Start now. Your body and health should always remain a priority for the duration of your life; This priority of your health should never increase or decrease as you age, it should remain the same — HIGH.

In a perfect world, age and health have no correlation. Your health should remain at a high value. This will ensure that you do what you can — within your power — to lead a healthy life. Some health issues we won’t be able to avoid, but many are avoidable if we consistently invest in the health of our bodies.


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