Updated: Jan 31, 2019

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Drug of Choice

My drugs of choice for stress relief and life, in general, include: physical activity, surrounding myself with nature, traveling, reading, plant collecting, cupcakes, and aromatherapy. I am always looking to add more choices to my list as well (i.e. I’ve recently added plant collecting) because the more positive outlets I have, the better –and yes, cupcakes are classified as a positive outlet for me. But today, I am only discussing one of the outlets: aromatherapy. Ever since I have been exposed to it, I have been hooked. It not only is a kool hobby to get into, but the benefits are noticeable and effective.

Aromatherapy adds a nice overlay of ambiance to your place of refuge (which is wherever you spend most of your time). It also can assist with your moods and even sickness. Below, you will find a few of my favorite essential oil concoctions that I like to use. There are an infinite number of possibilities and combinations when it comes to aromatherapy. Why not explore and create your own as well!


Beautiful Vibes: Lemongrass

Energy: Lemon

Healing: Eucalyptus

Refresh & Reset: Peppermint + Rosemary + Eucalyptus

Soothing: Lavender

Spiritually Uplifting w/ Soothing Undertones: Bergamot

Stress Relief: Peppermint

Stress Relieving Energy Booster: Tangerine + Eucalyptus

Vitality Celebration: Lemongrass + Lemon + Tangerine

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