Body Building Competition Prep with the Integration of Fruit

Interview with Ayana Ward — NPC Figure Competitor

1. Do you usually eat fruit on your prep?

Not usually. This is my first prep that I have had fruit in this time frame (13 weeks out) of competition prep.

2. How does fruit affect your body?

Some of the key differences I have noticed is that my digestion seems to be at its peek point while I’m consuming fruit. So while I’m consuming a meal, I’m not bloated or too full, and I also think that the fructose in fruit has helped out with insulin levels post workout.

3. What is your favorite fruit to eat?

I have two: blueberries and bananas

4. Why do body builders shy away from fruit during competition prep?

I think they look at the fructose — which is a form of sugar — and they get scared of it because they feel that fructose is going to convert itself into stored fats.

5. What positive benefits have you noticed about the integration of fruit in your prep?

Outside of having a nice sweet addition to the meats and the rice and the sweet potatoes I’ve noticed that my digestive system is moving at a faster pace with the addition of pineapples, bananas, and blueberries. Especially with pineapples — as they assist with protein breakdown — primarily. You can even get supplementation for digestion that will have pineapples and papaya along with other fruits inside of it.

6. How does your last prep without fruit compare to this prep with fruit?

I think that I’m eating more foods in general with this prep and exploring some out-of-the-box ways to approach diet, and I’ve noticed that overall I’m having more fun with my food and seeing faster results.

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