Bored With H20

Are you one of those people who always drink water, and never get dehydrated? Or maybe you are one of those people who hate drinking water, and get bored with the taste immediately. Well, for both of these people, there is a way to spruce up something that is so vital to the human body: water bottles and flavor.

To help maintain health habits and to continue encouraging yourself to engage in them, try any of the two ideas:

1. Get a new water bottle. Replace your water bottle when it gets old, or beaten down. Pick a water bottle that is fun to look at and works for you.

2. Put fruit or herbs in your water. Try some different combinations of edible things you can put in your water like: cucumbers, mint, lemon, orange, etc.

It never hurts to spruce up your healthy habits, and it definitely never hurts to make something more user friendly for you when you already can’t stand it.

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