Burn Out

I have been active for most of my life, and I enjoy being active-as it comes with invaluable benefits, but I have also experienced moderate to severe burnout many times. Sometimes I need a break from the gym and strenuous exercise. Usually, I experience burnout once or twice a year, and it often happens around the same time each year.

If you experience workout burnout, that means your mind and body most likely need a temporary break to rest and rejuvenate without the inclusion of consistent strenuous exercise.

How to Deal with Burnout:

1. Eat healthy

2. Get in moderate to light cardio (e.g. walking)

3. Stay active (e.g. take stairs and park farther from entrances)

It is okay to get burned out from working out. What matters is that you decide to get back into the groove of things when your body and mind are ready, and still maintain healthy habits as you take a break from a more active lifestyle.

Excerpt from Health & Wellness 101 | Palm Vitality

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