Fasted Cardio

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

"Streamline your weight loss with fasted cardio."

We want to start by mentioning that everyone’s physique responds differently to certain variations of training methods. We also want to mention that in some form or another, cardio will always be beneficial whether it be fasted, or “fed” to your cardiovascular, mental, and physical health. With that, fasted cardio is performed typically in the morning time upon waking up, with no food in your system. The idea is to perform this cardio in a fasted and starved state (no longer processing food and insulin), which targets stored fat cells, vs. the food that you introduce to your body periodically throughout the day.

This will typically come as a shock to your body, as it's probably not used to performing any form of exercise on a completely empty stomach, with the exception of water, or amino acids (recommended).

Some benefits of fasted (with the proper diet) include:

  1. Quicker stubborn fat loss

  2. Stronger lung capacity

  3. Increase in cardiovascular health

  4. Reduced stress

  5. Reduced risk of heart disease

  6. Fresh start to the day

Note: There is no need to overexert yourself during fasted cardio. Steady paced cardio, wind sprints, and incline walking will all be beneficial.

Upon completing your fasted cardio, it’s crucial to feed your body. Grab a healthy breakfast or a protein shake to restore and re-feed your machine.

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