Gym Etiquette

10 Do’s and 10 Don’ts

1. Don’t slam your weights

2. Don’t glare at people

3. Don’t wear smelly clothes

4. Don’t offer tips to people if it’s unwarranted

5. Don’t touch people you don’t know

6. Don’t make unnecessary grunt noises

7. Don’t glare at people recording themselves

8. Don’t stand around waiting for someone to be done with certain equipment; ask them directly or go do another exercise

9. Don’t interrupt or try to talk to someone during a set

10. Don’t forget to re-rack your weights

1. Do take a shower

2. Do wear deodorant

3. Do respect your fellow gym comrades

4. Do compliment people’s hard work when it’s appropriate

5. Do clean off equipment you left sweaty or wet

6. Do ask if someone is finished with a machine before taking it

7. Do walk without ILS (Invisible Lat Syndrome) — especially if you don’t have them

8. Do wash your hands if you have to use the bathroom in the middle of a workout

9. Do wear clothes that cover your parts when you execute certain exercises

10. Do pay attention to which locker room you walk into

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