Push Through

Let me tell you something we all already know: We are never going to want to workout all the time; it’s just not happening. 

For those of you who disagree, I guarantee there will be at least one day in your lifetime where you will only want to lounge around; for those of us who feel like lounging around everyday though this is what I have to tell you: push through. This is the only secret there is in achieving the results you want. You will have to push through the burnout, push through the laziness, push through the exhaustion, push through the stress, push through the frustration, push through the time constraints, and push through the negative thoughts that will try to prevent you from accomplishing your goals. 


As you develop the habit of pushing through your emotions, you will become mentally stronger. Overtime, you will learn to ignore the unproductive thoughts and accomplish your fitness and health goals no matter how you feel. 

You are the only person who is in between where you are now and where you want to be.

Palm Vitality 

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