STRESS Personal Care Plan

Basic Routine — PCP (Personal Care Plan):

WalkWalking is meditative, rejuvenating, calming, and healing. Often you can solve problems that you have been pondering and struggling to solve by simply taking a walk in the fresh air. Even a five to ten-minute walk can do a lot of good.

Exfoliate — It is a good rule of thumb to exfoliate your skin at least once a week with some sort of gentle and all-natural facial mask. There are many good face masks to utilize. Find which one is best for you, and remember the goal of exfoliation is to clean out your pores — not add anything into it. I try to ensure I use facial masks that have little to no ingredients in them so I can focus solely on exfoliation. A good mask to try out is: Aztec healing clay (it’s quite economical in price too). There are many Make-At-Home facial masks that require ingredients you may already have at home as well.

Exercise — Ensure you are getting different types of exercise in multiple times per week that include: strength training, cardio, stretching, resistance training, and balance training. Exercise is the best drug for your body — plus it’s free.


Eat Greens — Eat a lot of leafy greens, and when I say “a lot” I mean a lot! Aim to get in 5–6 servings of veggies daily, OR aim to eat veggies with every meal and snack you eat in any given day. I guarantee you will notice a difference in how your body looks and feels. Eating veggies also ensures that you get the nutrients your body and skin needs.

Eat Healthy — You don’t have to eat perfect, but incorporating healthier choices into your lifestyle helps reduce stress in and on your body. Incorporating healthier choices into your lifestyle can be as simple as swapping white or enriched flour bread for 100% whole wheat bread.

Multivitamin — Most of the foods that we eat today do not incorporate all the nutrients that our bodies need. Hence, it can be helpful to incorporate a natural multivitamin to ensure you get all the nutrients that your body requires.

Rest — Sleep is one of the most important things you can give yourself. Sleep is an excellent stress-reliever. Sometimes when I am feeling stressed, I will sleep for extended periods of time, and this usually mitigates my stress level.

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