The Importance of Napping

Find the time to take a nap, recharge, rest, and meditate

Miracles are taking place whenever I get a chance to nap. The spare moments that fall into my lap that are perfect allotments off time for naps are precious to me indeed.

As kids, it seems like naps are something we either never want or always have available to us, but as we get older and busier, it seems that time for napping disappears. Have you been getting any naps in lately? Are you trying to get in more nap time, quiet time, or meditation time?

If you are struggling to find time, make time. Start de-cluttering your days. Cut out all the unnecessary bullshit that often clouds up our lives and eradicate it — all; if this means watching less TV, being on your devices for only intentional periods of time, going to bed earlier, or waking up earlier to be more productive so you have more spare time in the day, then do just this.

Once we start eliminating all of the things that strip our time away from us, a beautiful tranquility starts to disseminate into our lives, which unveil available time for us to do things that recharge us mentally, physically, and emotionally, and also get our creative juices flowing since we are rested and less stressed.

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