The Secrets Behind Abs

Want to learn a magic trick...😈...Keep reading below...


Ayana's Body Type requires more cardio to obtain and maintain abs.


Destiny's body requires little cardio and consistent exercise to obtain and maintain abs (a clean diet only accelerates the process for her).


We want to let you in on our little secret when it comes to your abdominal section: The kitchen.. + plus a few exercises here and there (but basically consistent when you don’t have abs yet).

Okay, lets start here: We know it doesn’t sound magical, and you have heard, “Abs are made in the kitchen” all too many times. We however, are here to inform you: there is no other way around it. Without a proper diet, which includes nutrient dense meals, and the timing down to a T (which comes with trial and error over time), your chances of having the strong and detailed core that you haven’t seen since you ate those couple hundred burgers are slim to none (unless you’re this genetic machine who came out of the womb with abs..abs because you’re skinny aren’t included though).

Tag team consuming a healthy diet + consistent exercise; together, these two actions will bring MUCH success.

A Few Tips for the Process of GETTING Abs:

1. Eat clean 99% of the time

2. Do at least 100 reps of an of ab exercise on a daily basis

3. Avoid sugar 99% of the time (unless it's pancakes #ayana -which are overrated #Destiny)

4. Do planks w/ resistance to build strength for your abdominals

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