Who We Are: Palm Vitality


We are ardent individuals who have a genuine desire to inspire people, like you, reach their full potential while accomplishing their health goals by implementing the best natural practices for their health and fitness to reach their definition of vitality.

Destiny and Ayana are the creators and health coaches of Palm Vitality. Together they offer the benefits of having two coaches in one.

Destiny, as an author, specializes in nutrition, herbal supplements, weight training, aromatherapy, and mindful practices.

Ayana, as a NPC figure/physique competitor, specializes in physique enhancement within different realms including: sports training, competition prep, and weight training, along with nutrient density guidance & timing.


We believe the best way to a healthy life encompasses a natural foundation. We practice that philosophy daily with our meals and mindful training, whether it be resistance training, cardio, yoga, or speed & agility. We are here to offer a sincere and genuine approach for your health and vitality.


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