Why Even Exercise?

What’s the Point?

Why do our bodies need exercise? Well, there are many answers to this question, and there is not one correct answer. Not only does your body usually look better when you exercise, but your body feels better when you exercise.

The Benefits of Exercise: 

Exercise mitigates stress levels, increases libido, helps balance hormones, detoxifies your skin, keeps your heart healthy, enhances your physical appearance, clears your mind, helps you sleep better, and much more. I mean the list goes on and on and on. There are so many positive benefits to exercising.

Bonus: If you love to eat, exercise provides a way for you to eat more of the pleasurable foods that you enjoy so dearly if you do not have the fastest metabolism. I often meet a lot of people who tell me the reason they exercise is so they can eat more or because they eat so much; this is the life story of many people, and I am here to say there is not one thing wrong with this. Life should be enjoyed, and for all of us foodies out here in the world exercise is here to save us, but exercising does so much more for you than simply burn calories and help you maintain weight. 

Exercise provides a way to keep our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits healthy. So if exercising is so wonderful for your internal and external body and provides all of these benefits (plus some) then why don’t more people engage in the simple practice?


One of the most frequent excuses I get from people is, “I wish I had time to workout” or “I’m a single parent and just don’t have time to workout” or “It’s not easy to make time for myself to workout because I am so busy”.

These are all excuses.

Even the busiest person can find at least a few minutes each day to take care of their body to be active. It is also very simple to organize your life in a way that incorporates physical activity throughout the day. Here are some examples of how you can implement more physical activity into your lifestyle:

1. Take more stairs when you are walking to places and inside your place of work.

2. Park farther away from store entrances instead of parking super close.

3. Do jumping jacks, sit-ups, squats, pushups, etc. on a commercial breaks.

4. Walk with your partner or kids (if you have a baby, put the baby in a stroller and walk).

5. Walk on your breaks during work.

6. Go up and down your stairs at your home (if you have any) several times.

Seriously, there are plenty of ways to get in some activity if you really want to make the time for it. I see exercise as something I do to take care of myself. Exercise is something I do because I value my body and well-being.

The more you value yourself, the better you will take care of your body.

If you are currently not exercising at all right now, push yourself to get in at least 10 minutes of physical activity 5 days a week. You can increase this time daily or weekly. The goal is to start with something because even the smallest amount of time can make the biggest difference. After a while, you will notice that you feel better, and that it is easier to find time to get in physical activity. Once you start to feel and see the results, you will start to develop the healthy habit of staying physically active, which will inevitably enhance your life in every way. Try it and you will understand what I mean; you may have been physically active before so you may already have an idea of how it enhances many areas of your life. It may seem hard and painful at first, but you will always feel good afterwards.

If you are looking for time to exercise, the first place to start is with all forms of entertainment (e.g. TV, Film, Movies, Shows, etc.). If you start here I guarantee you will find some time to exercise. You can do simple exercises while you are watching TV or on commercial breaks. If you are not much of a TV or entertainment person then you can simply try out any of the other suggestions above.

Some people get motivated to workout when they have a lot of other people around them. If this sounds like you then join a gym or try some fitness classes. If you are more on the shy side or simply enjoy working out solo then utilize the great outdoors, smaller gyms, personal training, or your own gym at home. You have many options to reach your fitness goals if you simply become aware of your surroundings and take advantage of them. The most important things to take away from this article are:

1. Find a fitness routine that works for you (and switch up the routine consistently to prevent boredom and also maintain momentum) 

2. Establish the positive habit of engaging in exercise

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