Bodybuilders & Foodies Book Series

  • Book 1: So You Want To Be A Body Builder? Interview W/ IFBB PRO Ayana Ward


    Explore the ins and outs of what it means to be a bodybuilder and capture a glimpse of the actions and sacrifices necessary to be competitive in the sport.


    Book 2: My Pro-Debut: IFBB Pro Ayana Ward


    IFBB Pro Ayana Ward competed in her Pro-Debut on August 29, 2020, in Savannah, Georgia, in the Figure Division; this was her first professional bodybuilding show.


    Book 3: Foodie Diaries: Some of Us Live to Eat


    This creative work welcomes all foodies, lovers of food, lovers of snacks, lovers of cupcakes, food addicts, emotional eaters, and munchers.


    Book 4: Everyday Affirmations: Positive Psychology (Most Muscular Edition)


    Each day musters up its own thoughts, emotions, challenges, and situations; every day demands something different. What are you speaking to yourself to deal with this fascinating phenomenon that we call life? This book offers a valuable but straightforward daily dose of positive optimism to your life with over 200 affirmations. Speak everything into or out of existence, and learn how to navigate all 24 hours of a given day by mastering the art of self-talk.